Web Data Extraction – Why we need it

Web sites are an integral part of the technological world today. And the rate at which the websites are evolving  over the years has been phenomenal. As per the inputs from the website Internet Livestats,   there are close to one billion websites in the internet, which is clearly an indication of the exponential  rate at which the web sites are being added every second to the internet.

The use and the areas of the web sites to derive data is also growing like never before, across countless sectors. Companies need data  for various purposes like obtaining new customers, tracking industry trends, analyzing a wide variety of data for business purposes, understanding  government regulations and more.

According to a recent case study released by IBM on Big Data analytics,

  • Over 1 billion Google searches happen every day and over 294 billion emails are sent every day.
  • Trillions of sensors monitor, track and communicate with each other, populating the Internet of things with real-time data.
  • Facebook access, analyzes and stores 30 + petabytes of user generated data while Twitter deals with 230 + million Tweets everyday

A result of this mercurial growth of this high volume data, also referred to as ‘Big Data’, the process of extracting , maintaining and tracking the required web data for its productive use is posing challenges – The primary obstacle being the inability to obtain data from secure, trustworthy  websites at a faster rate for online research.

The speed, consistency and reliability are the other key factors which are at stake during the process and overlooking them often leads to redundancy. Handling large volumes of data also leads to inefficient processing, as it becomes increasingly difficult to extract manually.

Automating the web data extraction is obviously the best approach and many organizations are leading the way in finding path-breaking solutions to achieve a reliable way to achieve automation. It is extremely beneficial for harvesting structured information with specific data types. Also, website structure changes are monitored, providing access to the right data at desired intervals.

Automation in web data extraction, thus results in a reduction of redundancy, elimination of the errors, cost overhead .The web data extract is more precise and reliable as the extraction tools are equipped to handle high volumes of data of a wide variety on a consistent basis. The resulting collated structured data from existing websites  makes it easy for the disparate systems to consume the data. The output data can be fed into other enterprise systems of the users such as Web Analytics,CRM, & marketing automation.

By helping organizations eliminate their IT costs, automation of web data extraction has become the front runner in aiding the growth of Big data based enterprises and other data driven businesses.

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