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The use of smartphones has increased tremendously. Over 538 million smartphones were sold worldwide in 2016, a 74% increase over the last five years, as compared to about 89 million smartphones sales that happened in 2011. People are consuming the Internet like never beforeOver 3600 million people have Internet access today – thanks to the inexpensive data connection packages and compatibility of smartphones for high-speed Internet connections, it has resulted in an exponential growth in mobile marketing space.

Particularly in the direct mobile advertising, smartphones have opened a new platform for businesses – both large and small scale.


Mobile Ads – A Game Changer of Online Marketing

According to the reports from the mobile advertising industry, about 30% of the ads comes from mobile app ads alone. This advertising reaches more people than the desktop or Internet marketing, and due to this high interactivity, businesses are keen on implementing viral marketing strategies through mobile ads.

Also, mobile ads are compelling and action oriented. It means that the users are more likely to click on the ads that flash on their mobiles and engage further, resulting in some action. Mobile ads also serve as an effective medium for campaigns as well in the form of SMS and MMS texts.


Web data extraction for mobile advertising

It is essential for every business, whether B2B or B2C, irrespective of their size, to know the segment of customers. So mobile advertisers need to know their potential customers, which require some analysis to be done.

Data extraction itself is a complex process, and organizations spend a lot of time and money in marketing research to collate and track this critical data.

In many scenarios, there might be more than one sector involved, and it becomes essential that businesses have the end-to-end data for systematically targeting the mobile ads. There may be multiple websites from which data needs to be procured, and in some cases, directly accessing these other websites may not be possible. It is where the need for web data extraction for mobile advertising comes into the picture.


Why do we need to automate?

Since billions of people use smartphones and are the target of mobile ads, it is a highly demanding task to collate data for analysis, which also costs millions to the organizations.

As much as we need the automatic data extraction in online marketing to simplify the process of data analysis, we need to automate the web data extraction for mobile advertising as well.

It is the need of the hour for organizations as data is the gateway for generating potential clients. Automating the data extraction is a one-time investment that guarantees fruitful and effective marketing in return, apart from saving time, money and avoiding redundancy.


Case Study: Mobile Tech Advertising for Publishers & Advertisers

 As an example, we’ll focus on the publishers and the advertisers the role of data in their operations.


Advertisers first collect the data to understand the profile of their customers, their nature of consumption and the target audience to know what the end users expect. Analyzing this data helps them in campaigning effectively to a niche audience instead of a generic advertising, leading to successive outcomes. So they need web data extraction tools for this data analysis, which goes a long way in enhancing the marketing strategies.


 Content – in all forms combined, is expected to be the major traffic generator for websites, with over 64% of the traffic coming from content delivery networks by 2020. It means that publishers have an immense opportunity to grab the eyeballs of the visitors through systematic advertising.

 Publishers in the mobile tech space focus on analyzing the ad formats that work with each client as the audience group varies. Also, publishers conduct customized campaigns that would have a great outreach based on the results of the data analytics. From little details like the preferences of the customers, their active time zones to the revenue generated, the data extracted plays a vital role for publishers to gauge the customers’ preferences. It helps in cutting unnecessary costs that would come up as well, due to a systematic marketing approach.

Revenue and the overall impressions are some of the key metrics that are important to the publishers in the data analysis, which can be accurately determined by the automatic web data extraction tools.

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